Dungeon RPG - Fantasy Role Playing

Dungeon RPG - Fantasy Role Playing

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Dungeon RPG is an addictive yet simple, single player graphical text adventure game where you lead your party through an endless world of dungeons. In this fantasy role-playing game, you fight monsters, collect equipment and level up.

You play a party of unlikely companions in Dungeon RPG. Thord the Barbarian, Akari the Rogue and Blixo the Mage are under your control. You must guide them through the fantasy underground world. Discover its secrets and avoid its perils. Find loot and glory. Level up and save the world.

You start in Evengate Town. From here you can find new regions, locations and a quest. The free version gives you everything you need to complete the main quest.

Dungeon RPG is a single player, offline fantasy role-playing game aimed at anyone who has some time to kill as well as monster. The reward is simple fun. Play for free for as long as you like. If you enjoy cool loot, bashing the undead, romping down endless dungeons and levelling up, you will love this simple RPG.

With original artwork and quirky copy, Dungeon RPG is best compared to choose your own adventures but in an ever-expanding sandbox world made up of regions that can be explored. When doing so you will come face to face with monsters, fall into traps, meet the gods and steal the dragon’s treasure.

- Level Up
- Find Loot
- Steal Treasure
- Upgrade Equipment
- Craft Items
- Forage for Resources
- Try some Fishing
- Many Monsters
- Cast Magic Runestones

Loot Up, Level Up! Play now!

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