My Boo Boo - Virtual Pet Game

My Boo Boo - Virtual Pet Game

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  • Requer Android: 4.2 ou superior
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  • Publicação / atualização: 29 de abril de 2018

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Hey guys! Meet Boo!!! Boo!!!, Your very own virtual pet! He is a cute, emotional, and lovely dog who loves to eat tasty food! Have fun at Boo!!! Boo!!! home and find out other secrets about your pet’s life! Enjoy countless hours of fun in this addictive and entertaining game.

Boo!!! Boo!! is like a real pet that needs lots of attention, and your daily tasks is to take care of it in the best way possible. Boo!!! Boo!!! is waiting for you to be fed, dressed and bathed. This adorable dog needs your love and attention every day, so take good care of him from morning to midnight. Feed it, wash it, take care of its health, put it to sleep and play with your Boo!!! Boo!!!.

If your Boo!!! Boo!!! is hungry, you can find an array of delicious and nutritious food in the pantry: from delicious stake to some chicken. This game will provide you with food or with coins to buy items for your virtual dog.

You can also take your Boo!!! Boo!!!, with you for a walk in the garden. You can play many games with your adorable virtual pet. By playing these fun games with your Boo!!! Boo!!!, You can win more points and take a great care of your pet. You can play with magic potions and energy drinks.

Your boo will get dirty from time to time, and like any other pet, a bath is necessary! Taking care of your pet also entails giving it some medication whenever needed.

You’ll LOVE this amazing game so much, you won’t be able to leave it alone!

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