BOO! - Group Text & Video Chat

BOO! - Group Text & Video Chat

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BOO!—the super fun app combined with video chat, rich texting, tons of filters & GIFs especially for teens. Be careful BOO-ing for too long because chatting-up with friends gonna be your biggest interests! Much more fun waits you to discover.
Super Powers:

Tons of unique AR filters express tons of you. Show yourself with AR camera and capture the best moments with all kinds of face filters!

Super easy and stable to send texts, photos, video, GIFs and more in your one-on-one or Group Chats.
Days is where you can share and record your daily story or anything with schoolmates and friends. Has anyone told you that you’re awesome today? Well, you are! Come post your best pics in your Days and explore what’s going on. Too shy to talk to crush, or you just don’t know how to break ice with your girls? Enter your school name then you can see your school feeds in Days! So….are you in?
4. Games

Play games and compete with your friends. You can compare scores and see how you rank against other people on Squirt Master, Match-Three, Connect Four, Reversi, Matching Cards, and so on!

• Create polls for your friends, and answer theirs’ ANONYMOUSLY!
You can be picked in the polls, or mentioned as the answer.

• Chat with your Contacts friends anonymously and find out who they are!
The more you play, the more unexpected fun you will get!

Optional accept friends’ requests up to your choice — it’s a safe & private way to manage your friends list!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
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YouTube: @BOO!


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