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DEAD TARGET EFFECT II: ZOMBIE is a best & exciting first-person zombie shooting game with incredible 3D graphics. The whole world is infected by a VT-Virus and every living human converted to zombie the dead trigger monster, they brutally bite every human. In this awesome action DEAD TARGET EFFECT II: ZOMBIE game you are stocked in an Arabic Village surrounded by tens of zombie, they can smell you or hear your foot-step, so be sharp , aim trough your weapon , and don’t get yourself kill out there.

You have played many zombies free action survival games but never play this awesome shooting game of zombies “DEAD TARGET EFFECT II: ZOMBIE” .

Your war is to end them all. Zombies are revolting! You must save the zombie apocalypse in the town, trust your guts and Get ready to find out in this epic action. Zombies slaying everywhere, Block zombies & kill them!!! Shoot all zombies in your way straight into the head & get areas cleared. You have Grenades, Heavy weapons, and advanced native controls .

You must have to complete all missions to get your job done. You get excited as you kill them. Slaughter zombies become unstoppable, save your peoples by targeting dead zombies. Start your crazy killing & shoot them. Save your town from Assault zombie. Town city become mysterious town, Zombies booth and zombie are coming like a tsunami from everywhere. Super evil dead target killers are your enemies. You are a specialist zombie’s tsunami hunter a super evil combat killer of the dead targets zombies only you are there for civilians. Do or die. Don’t hesitate!!! You are fully trained shooter so; get started into the deadly war to save your city from deadly infected target zombie. Can you survive the deadly zombie Apocalypse? Yes you can let’s start this MAYHEM war!!!

Download now! Enjoy best experience with multiple advanced weapons and shoot zombies in this DEAD TARGET EFFECT II: ZOMBIE !!!


#Breath-Taking 3D graphics.

Play this game & check graphics fully advanced feathers breathe taking 3D graphics, horribly incredible environment. You have fun killing them, you want to play more and more so, play this game and get more interesting feathers. Highly polished game play, also get help through map.

#Native Touch Screen Controls

Easy Controls, fast actions, Get rewards & cash money by killing zombies. Native touch screen controls that are easy to play. Intense game play with stunning visuals & sound effects depicting a grim zombie apocalypse, with this intense game play you could do everything that you want to kill zombies. By this interesting interface find more option to get win!

#Fully Advanced weapons & Gadgets

You get numerous weapons, free grenades, rifles as well Turrets and guns. Fully advanced weapons you use to kill block of zombies coming towards you and everywhere around you save people and kill more & more zombies. Combat weapons and terrifying environments to battle against deadly zombies.

#Free Rewards for Everyone

By killing zombies you get free rewards & cash!!! So play this awesome game and get rewarded then buy your fully advanced interesting rifles, pistol &guns, grenades. Enjoy shooting kill that evil!!

#More Innovative Feathers
--Intense zombie blasting action
--Epic & thrilling effects
--Original &enjoyable game play
--Terrifying realistic sound effects
--Real time story expansion
--More than 60 challenge objectives
--Optimized for Android smartphones as well as tablets of all models
--Continuously update contents as well as story lines
-- Experience this exciting FPS shooting game play against dead targets effect zombie tsunami “Dead Target effect 2” is continuously evolving & expanding. Each update features & new content intended to make your game even further more entertaining & enjoyable

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